My Favorite Half-Night Stand: Mini Book Review

Synopsis: Millie Morris and Reid Campbell are best friends and fellow professors at UC Santa Barbara. They also belong to the same friend group of three other guys and they slept together. With a university gala coming up they all need to find dates, so they all agree to hit dating apps! While the guys are getting decent matches, Millie is getting dick pics. Unbeknownst to the guys Millie makes a fake profile that gives away a lot more information than what iron-curtain Millie ever does. When Reid matches with Millie’s fake profile, she has to find out what she’s willing to risk, her friendship or her vulnerability.


My Favorite Half-Night Stand Rating: 2.5/5

My first book of 2021! Wooo! And it was okay. I really wanted to like Millie or Reid, but honestly I didn’t. Millie was so bland. I was hoping for a professor that studied female fatales to have some pizazz, but there was none. To be honest she could have studied lichen and it wouldn’t have changed the story. Reid acted like a pretentious dick (plus he’s 32 there is no way in hell he is going to get tenure at that age!).

I don’t really know how this book could have gone right. The pretense of two people sleeping together, then setting up dating accounts, then basically catfishing your friend? I take full blame on this, thinking it would end up good. My thing is that you don’t sleep with your best friend that many times and not do something about it. Seriously!

Then Millie has the audacity to “be herself” via a different account and basically catfish Reid. I sorta get this one, because opening up is hard. But my biggest issue is that there’s very little reason why should would be like that. My uncle has Parkinsons’ and it sucks, but there’s no reason to hide yourself from your friends. The fact that Reid doesn’t catch on to Millie is astounding. I’m just honestly in shock of it all. Furthermore, how do these professors not know “dating app” lingo? Hell, they use it on the news and in so many different publications there’s no reason to not know.

I did like parts of it. I liked the dynamic of the friend group. Ed was lovely and I wanted more of him. I wish the other characters had been the focus of the book instead because they all seemed vastly more interesting.

Long Story Short:

Would I recommend My Favorite Half-Night Stand? Maybe? I honestly don’t think that I would. Perhaps if you wanted a book with plot holes and questionable characters, but even then I might just have to have a good talk with you. Maybe I’m just bitter and read this soon after some awful news, but this really wasn’t my cup of tea and it took a lot from me to read their other book The Unhoneymooners after this. I really only did because I owned the copy, which I liked slightly more than this one.

My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

I borrowed my copy from my local library.

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What were your thoughts on My Favorite Half-Night Stand? Did you like Millie or Reid?

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